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How I Work

As someone who is lucky enough to be in demand as a producer, I have decided to set some personal working boundaries. I hope that by having these conversations with clients that they will become more normal and that those who don't have the privilege of turning down work are able to discuss boundaries without fear.


 Here are some things you should know when working with me.


I have a work phone and personal phone so feel free to text my work phone but understand it goes off when I’m not working.


You may experience a delayed email response during busy times, this will be flagged on my OOO.

I only work on shows that are making the world a better place even if it's in a small way.


Don’t ask me to work on all white shows.


I believe in accessible content and consider creating transcripts an integral part of the production process.


I have months where I work on a lot then a month or two where I'll be resting and working on personal projects so if you catch me during downtime, expect a very delayed response


I’m very flexible  and tend to work on an as and when basis as opposed to a 9-5 (I like to go to the gym and run errands in the mornings).


I prefer calls to zooms and encourage 20 minutes as a maximum meeting time.


I often go for walks when I take calls and encourage you to get outside too, there are some really nice cats out there.

As I work across several genres of podcasts, I take half an hour of cognitive switching time when going from one project to another.

I work with a lot of highly skilled producers who can cover any work I’m unable to take care of in case of emergency. This has never happened to the best of my knowledge but please know I have safety nets in place!


I work on Trello- it’s great! I’m more than happy to show you it if you want.


I believe in a quality product but also a quality production method, it’s important to me that everyone behind the scenes feels happy, respected and included.


I’d prefer if you tell me in advance where you may request potential revisions, my time is limited and I want to make the best podcast for everyone.


99% of the meetings I book happen at a time that suits both parties but if I need to attend on your terms only please note that I charge £20 per 15 minutes.


People work better without endless deadlines, I can turnaround things quickly but encourage you to work with a week between final edit and release where possible.


My rates are £400 per day for corporate clients, £300 per day standard clients and £200 for individuals and charities. Work is charged by the time required in my calendar so delays, no shows, last minute cancellations will be charged. 


If you cancel a recording or work request up to 48 hours before it is due to take place, you will not be charged.


For any long project that requires more than two days per week, I generally require one week off every 6 weeks. This doesn’t need to be paid but it is required in order to maintain a high standard of work.

Payment of invoices is due 30 days upon receipt (or before if you're feeling generous!) unless agreed otherwise. I charge a 20% late fee every day after.


I have a belief that everyone is doing their best so if I flag any issues with you, I will always be as considerate and respectful as possible. I hope you can do the same for me.

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